A Headshot Session {Portrait Photographer | Minneapolis St. Paul}

This headshot session for a local opera singer was so much fun.  Our goal was variety, and I think we achieved it!  I really like providing my headshot clients with as many looks as possible.  (I also like providing them with wine and smoked gouda.)  These were all done at my studio, in both natural and studio light, and then we also stepped out back for some outdoor shots at sunset.  (In the snow.  That is still a foot deep at the end of March.)

Thanks for looking!

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A Minnesota "Spring." {Minneapolis | Child Photographer}

This week spring comes to the beautiful state of Minnesota!  But I think Mother Nature hasn't been looking at her calendar lately, because she's ushering in spring with a snowstorm and sub-freezing temperatures.

So this is what spring 2013 looks like in Minnesota.  Hm.

I know, son, I know.  Hang in there.  Chin up.

You tell her, buddy.

I guess it's always spring indoors!