Simple Things.

At times a photographer forgets to take shots of the every day things.  To help us remember these important shots of real life, a group of photographers that I am involved with have decided to start a little blog series called "The Simple Things."  Every month we will photograph one of those simple moments in our lives.  At the end of the month we each will make a blog post and share our stories.  At the bottom of each blog post will be a link to another photographer in the group so you can share her story, forming a complete circle of stories.  I hope you will enjoy these posts of "The Simple Things."



This is George.

He is a good little monkey and always very curious.

Today George is reading a book.  George is a smart monkey but he is still very little, so he doesn't know all the words in his book.  He tries and tries.  

George soon gets tired.  Reading is hard work for a little monkey.

This is George's brother, Sam.  Sam also likes to read.

George sees Sam reading.  George is very curious.  Is this a good way to get Sam to read with him?

No.  But Sam has a better idea.  "Come over here, George," he says.  "I will tell you what this book says.  It is a good book.  You will like it."

George does like the book.  But he likes Sam even more.

The end.  

For more Simple Things, visit the wonderful photographer Nikki Ruttley of Spalding, UK.