Composed. {Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota | Portrait Photographer}

I was so excited when the wonderful contemporary classical composer Kirsten Broberg contacted me to provide her with some new headshots.  Her music is ethereal, intimate, mysterious and evocative of nature, and together we came up with a concept for her photographs that went beyond traditional headshots (though we did some of those, too) and reflected the qualities in her music and in her as a person.  We had an amazing time together and I think we created some beautiful images for her (look for them soon on her website!).

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Soprano. {Twin Cities, Minnesota | Portrait and Headshot Photographer}

I love photographing opera singers.  They are the most radiant people.  This downtown Minneapolis session with a beautiful soprano was no exception.   We had the most wonderful, relaxed time, as you can see for yourself:

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{Minnesota | Senior Photographer}

I have to admit... I love photographing senior guys, but for completely different reasons than I do senior girls.  Senior girls love to pose and be photographed.  The guys... not so much.  But senior boys are so real and honest and I love joking around with them to get them comfortable with the whole thing.  I genuinely enjoy hanging out with them and their families, talking as we take pictures.

This young man is a terrific football player and all-around really nice guy.  He has a wonderful family, and they all were there with him for his senior photo shoot.  We had the nicest time together.  I wish him all the best for his senior year of high school!

I think by this point my jokes were wearing thin.  He really put up with a lot from me!  

A Girl and a Guitar. {Minnesota | Portrait Photographer}

There is nothing like the love of a girl for her guitar.
 And there is nothing like an al fresco serenade from a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.
 This little guy kept following her wherever she went.  Even the grasshoppers know good music when they hear it.

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