Mother and Daughter {Family Portrait Photographer | Minneapolis St. Paul, Twin Cities, MN}

I love taking mother-daughter portraits.  I do them a lot, and the sweet bonds I get to see each time are so lovely.  These two were so much fun.  A lot of laughing happened this night, as you can see.

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Soul Sisterhood. {Family Event Photography | Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN}

I never got the chance to go to camp when I was a girl.  I did plenty of other fun things, but if this camp had been available back in the <cough-cough> late seventies or early eighties I'd have begged my parents to let me go there.  Crafts, singing, games, dancing, tree-climbing, cornfields, friendship, spirit-nurturing... everything my girl-heart would have desired.  Thankfully, I actually got my long-lost chance to go to camp for a few hours not too long ago!  (At my age, a few hours of camp is plenty.)

The staff of The Soul Sisterhood Retreat invited me out to photograph a night at one of their girls' camps, and it was just so lovely and fun.  Here are a few scenes from the day.  Rather than do a whole lot of posed portraits, we chose for me to capture these moments more candidly, in a storytelling manner.  I love when I get the opportunity to do that!

Thanks to The Soul Sisterhood Retreat for all the fun, entertainment, and the lovely meal!

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Still Life With Viola. {Stillwater, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

It's no secret I love photographing musicians.  I also love photographing high school seniors.  When I get to do both at once... I'm in heaven.

We did this series in a beautiful, idyllic little spot a few miles outside Stillwater, MN.  It was so much fun!  Our beautiful senior model was a dream to work with, and serenaded us on her viola.  Thank you, Lovely Violist, for a wonderful senior portrait session!

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Mine. {Child and family portrait photographer | Burnsville, MN}

I decided to squeeze in a quick photo session with my own darling boys before the big summer rush begins.  I had a moment of bravery.  I think any photographer will tell you that their toughest clients are their own children, and yes, that's true here, too.  (It's worth it, of course!)

I may or may not have had a very large glass of wine when we got home this night.

We did all of these in the field right out behind my studio in Burnsville, MN.  It is the prettiest spot at sunset - the light is just magical.  Pretty soon we'll have some flowers out there, too.  I'm so happy to have a beautiful piece of nature right there - I love being able to use it during clients' studio sessions for variety.

Right here below is an especially wonderful series from our little shoot.  In fact, most of the session turned out just like these.  As you can tell, my little models ADORE getting their pictures taken.  It's not like torture at all!  Look how fun Mom makes it!

(Disclaimer: No children were harmed during the taking of these photos.)

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