Happy. {Child and Family Photography | Burnsville, Twin Cities, MN}

Another sweet family at the studio.  I had the most wonderful time with them.  It was a very huggy, happy time.  We started, as I usually do, with the posed photographs, and then that gave way to some really lovely, relaxed moments.

Enjoy.  I sure did!

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The Studio. {Photography Studio | Minneapolis-St. Paul, Burnsville, MN}

When my business expanded to include studio space last fall, I never dreamed how much I would love it.  I feel like I ended up in the perfect place for me and for my clients.

The photography studio in Burnsville, MN is a really special, unique little spot.  There is a room for natural light photography - and I love using that space for a homey, lifestyle feeling.  The studio light shooting bay is large, and it is ideal for creating simple or dramatic looks.  I spend a lot of time in that room with my headshot clients.  And right out back is a beautiful field and wooded area.  The light out there is divine at sunset, and to be able to step right out there at the end of a studio session is a special joy for me.  As if that weren't enough, the location is right in Burnsville's Heart of the City neighborhood - a darling urban area.  The variety of looks I can get in a single session is so gratifying.  My clients seem to enjoy that.  (They - and I! - also enjoy the free parking and the easy-to-find location right off I-35W.)

When a Minnesota winter is in full swing, I never have to worry about having a place to work.  That is an amazing feeling.

Here are a few pictures of the space:

And here are some pictures I've done in and around the studio since last fall.

In natural light:

In studio light:

Out back and around the neighborhood:

I can't wait to find more to do in and around the studio!

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Mel. {Portrait Photographer | Burnsville, Twin Cities, MN}

This was such an honor and a joy - I got to photograph the wonderful, beautiful, talented Mel Karlberg of Mel Karlberg Photography!  She is a fabulous senior and family photographer located in Fort Hood, TX.

We met at my photography studio in Burnsville, Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities, and had a fabulous time shooting pictures and talking shop.  

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Family {Burnsville, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN | Family Portrait Photographer}

I love making new friends.  Like this little guy, right here.  He came to see me this week for some pictures.  And a whole lot of singing.  Airplanes.  Laughs.  And some really great conversation.

He also brought along his very nice mom and dad.

These were all done inside the natural light room at my photography studio in Burnsville, MN.  I really wanted to try creating a natural, homey feel, even though we were at the studio.

Then we stepped outside and played in the field out back.

If it's ok to say so... my sweet little pal here was the biggest fan I've ever had for my singing.  This was during verse 3,497 of "Surrey With the Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma.   He would sit, listen, sing along, dance a little, run to me, give me a hug, then RUN back to sit down, saying, "Do it again!!!" 

Kindred spirit, right here.  And he gives the BEST tackle hugs.  I'll not soon forget our time together.  He was such a wonderful burst of sunshine.  

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