Like a Storybook. {Twin Cities, MN | Family Photographer}

When another photographer contacts me to take her family's pictures, I always feel two things: nervous and excited.  Firstly, I feel nervous because this is a colleague, here, who notices things and has a certain standard I should try to uphold.  She knows my job as well as I do.  But, even more than nervous, I get excited, especially for this particular photographer, because she has such a great sense of style and because her family is so fun and loving and natural for the camera.  The whole session becomes a collaboration, and it is so wonderful and rare to be a part of that.

This whole session was like a lovely storybook scene.  A picturesque house in a beautiful little town, with all kinds of pretty spots just steps away.  Not to mention the beautiful colors, the style, and the genuinely loving and joyful mood to match.  Pretty amazing.  Heavenly, in fact.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story of this beautiful family and their life together.  Enjoy.  (I know I sure did.)

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Together Wherever We Go. {Minneapolis, MN | Family Portrait Photographer}

You never know where life is going to take you.  But it's always nice to have someone to go there with you, isn't it?

Such a sweet family.  Such beautiful fall colors.  Such fun.  One of my favorite sessions ever.

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A Beautiful Green-Eyed Mezzo-Soprano. {Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | Portrait Photographer}

This headshot session was so much fun.  Opera singers are always enjoyable to work with, I've found.  I laughed so much with this very talented mezzo-soprano (you should hear her sing - really, you should!).  And, in case you are wondering, that is the real color of her eyes.  Amazing, aren't they?

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