Emily {Senior Photography | Minneapolis St. Paul, Twin Cities, MN}

Emily.  Whether she liked it or not, she had a lot of drama for her senior session.  The forecast called for sun and mild weather.  On my way to her shoot, the forecast changed - just as I noticed the clouds gathering.  No problem, it was only supposed to rain a little, about an hour into her session, so we'd still have plenty of time outside.

Just as Emily and her mom arrived, it started to pour!  Oops.  And we decided to make the best of it and use awnings, overhangs and umbrellas, because... after all, like the forecast said, it was only going to rain a little.

So, we shot pictures outside, and... it actually poured and thunderstormed, and there was lightning and thunder.  Of course!

All the while, though, Emily was cool, relaxed, fun, and beautiful, and I just LOVE how her senior session turned out.  When the storm ended, the sun burst through the clouds and it was just lovely out.  So we had a little bit of everything!  Which makes sense for Emily, because she is such a unique, special, wonderful girl, an athlete, a scholar, a friend... and it was an honor to be her senior photographer.
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