Simple Things.

Every month I update my blog series remembering the simpler moments in our life.  I hope you enjoy this latest story of "The Simple Things."  

This post marks a full year of these monthly posts - this is the 12th one.  At first I thought I would finish the year out with a big splash, but then I decided to do the opposite: to go out quietly.  We all need some quiet time.

At the bottom I've linked to all the previous months of "Simple Things" in case someone wants to go back and relive them all (I'm looking at you, Mom!!).


A favorite toy that was his daddy's when he was the same age.  His new jammies.  His cuddle bear.  "Edelweiss."  That's all that's needed for a little post-holiday quiet time.

Ok, folks.  I guess quiet time is over.  We can't stay quiet for very long around here.

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