The Fab Four

Ladies and gentlemen... give a nice warm welcome to...

Quartet Tzigane!  They are an amazing piano quartet (violin, viola, cello and piano), and the four members are between the ages of twelve and fifteen.  They can play Mozart like... well, Mozart.   Young musicians always "get" Mozart.

"The sonatas of Mozart are too easy for children and too difficult for artists."
~ Artur Schnabel

(Except that these kids are artists.  Artists who can play Mozart.  And a lot of other difficult repertoire.)

At times during our photo shoot they reminded me of some other foursome... Hmmm....I can't put my finger on it...

Now listen to them play Movement Four from William Walton's Piano Quartet in d minor while you look at the rest of the photos.

(Are you listening?)

It's nice to see the world in such capable, music-making hands as theirs.  It gives one a lot of hope for our future.

And besides: being a musician is fun.  Just ask Mozart.  And the Beatles.  And these four.


Reena G said...

These are terrific! I am sure the Fab Four are very pleased with them!

Mom said...

Not only are these photos awesome......the Fab Four are amazingly talented musicians too.....thank you for this new entry to your blog.

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