Ten on Ten - Faceless February

It's the tenth of the month.  So I am posting ten personal images, along with several other photographer colleagues who are also participating in this "Ten on Ten" project.  Check out the bottom of my post for a link to one of these amazing people, and follow the links all the way around the circle.

Lately I've been inspired by the idea of the "faceless portrait:" telling a person's story without relying on facial expressions.  I'd been planning to do this for awhile, and then I learned that National Geographic recently did a "your shot" assignment with exactly the same theme!  I loved looking at the entries.

Welcome to Faceless February!

(OK, well, this first one is from December, not February... but it was taken with this project in mind, and it's what gave me the idea in the first place!)

Now click on over to the amazing Shannon Stroubakis, Photographer in the Woodlands, TX and see what ten images she has for today!


Shannon said...

I LOVE this theme idea and all your photos are splendid!

Irene Smith said...

I love this theme as well! I may have to borrow this idea at some time…..

Gorgeous photos!!!!!

Kari Hicks said...

I love this theme! These are soooo gorgeous and the light is lovely in every single one. But that second one is stunning! Love it so much!

Shannon Stroubakis said...

These are amazing Leslie, as always your work is fantastic with perfect light.

Helen Savage said...

What a great idea Leslie, love it! Stunningly executed too, some wonderful shots.

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