Sophie. {Senior Photography | Twin Cities, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN}

Well.  This girl.  This session.  I just can't tell you how fabulous.

Sophie is a really cool young woman.  She showed up at the studio with a cello (yippee!), her whole family, and some great style.  We chatted about what she wanted for her pictures (simple drama and thoughtful moods) and what she likes (interesting light and black and white photographs), and then we just went crazy.  Well, I went crazy.  She stayed wonderfully, beautifully sane.

We had a foggy, dreary, really dark, kind of cold day, and it couldn't have been more wonderful.  Here's the lovely Sophie. Enjoy!

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Emily Charais said...

Just simply gorgeous! These are the type of senior portraits I wish photographers were taking when I was a senior.

Jeni said...

Wow! What a gorgeous girl! I love your awesome variety. It looks like you've captured every part of her personality. She and her family must be so in love with these!

Amy said...

Stunning!! The girl and the pictures. I love all the styles and moods you captured!

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