Erinne {Senior Portrait Photography | Twin Cities, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN}

Oh, this was such a great night.  Erinne's senior pictures made up my first official session at the new studio space in Chaska, and we had so much fun.  We did some shots inside the studio, but it was just too nice out to stay inside for long.  She was so great about letting me go nuts with her using all the neat little spots just outside the door.  I absolutely love how she laughed her way through her shoot.  Even while there were 15 mosquitoes biting her at once (oh, my goodness, I am so sorry about that - those things have been especially cruel and nasty this year).  She has such a pretty laugh!

Enjoy the beautiful, lovely, sweet Erinne!

Oh, and the rainbow in the last one?  Real.  How perfect can it get??

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Emily Charais said...

What a pretty new location and beautiful work to boot!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer said...

These are so very beautiful! I can't believe you captured a real rainbow! Legit awesome!!

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