Casually Elegant Headshots {Portrait Photography | Twin Cities, Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota}

I love taking headshots.  I know, it probably sounds like a strange thing for a family and child photographer to say, since headshots are often so simple and business-y, and they are a necessary, "get it out of the way" kind of thing for many people.  But I really do love headshot sessions and I approach them as something special - I love when a headshot goes beyond "business-y" and turns into something expressive and real.

When this client and I consulted on the phone, she mentioned that she wanted something "playfully elegant" and I think that description matches her perfectly.  The concept was right up my alley, too!  Our session was an absolute joy - kind of like a casual afternoon party.  We spent a long time chatting about pretty much everything under the sun, and we managed to squeeze in a few pictures as well.  ;)

Here is a sampling.  Enjoy!

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April O'Hare said...

What a beautiful lady. I love how she changed up her looks in these. I think I like that pink shirt the best. That is such a nice color on her and it makes her look so nice!

stephanie mballo said...

These are lovely! I think "playfully elegant" is the perfect way to describe these. She's beautiful and the variety is wonderful. Love the last shot of her in the glasses

Becky said...

Leslie these are just so stunning. She is such a beautiful woman. Just amazing all around!!

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