My guys in fall. {Minneapolis St. Paul, MN | Child and Family Photography}

I had a very small window of opportunity and I decided to take my boys out for some fall pictures.  I am SO glad I did.  Not because I got perfect shots (my own kids are my toughest customers by far), but because we had a nice time and because I am so happy that I got photographs of them as they really are, to me - my boys as I see them every day (only dressed a little nicer, and fighting a little bit less).

The first part of our session took place during a lovely evening, when the forecast called for a zero percent chance of rain.  Imagine my surprise when, fifteen minutes in, it started pouring out!  So I decided to go for Part Two a few nights later.

Here they are: the Dreamer and the Clown.  My sweet guys.


Emily Charais said...

Oh...those boys...they are just too adorable Leslie! Wonderful session!!

Corrie Lindroos said...

Leslie, these are gorgeous! I cannot believe how fast your boys are growing. I love the rich, fall colours, ahhhh fall.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer said...

Beautiful kiddos, color, emotion, love...ahh, everything! Wonder which one's the dreamer and which one is the clown? Kidding. :-)

Stephanie said...

Wow Leslie! Gorgous! I love the bold colors and the rich processing.
Plus, your little guys are totally adorable. LOVE these!

Reena said...

Stunning session with the boys and the colors! oh my!! someone dressed them perfectly! I just love your guys, they are so sweet (yeah, I know I know, I don't live with them!) Your images are always so and processing. You are amazing!

Amber said...

These are adorable Leslie! Your boys are so cute, and the colors in these are amazing. Love!

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