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I decided to squeeze in a quick photo session with my own darling boys before the big summer rush begins.  I had a moment of bravery.  I think any photographer will tell you that their toughest clients are their own children, and yes, that's true here, too.  (It's worth it, of course!)

I may or may not have had a very large glass of wine when we got home this night.

We did all of these in the field right out behind my studio in Burnsville, MN.  It is the prettiest spot at sunset - the light is just magical.  Pretty soon we'll have some flowers out there, too.  I'm so happy to have a beautiful piece of nature right there - I love being able to use it during clients' studio sessions for variety.

Right here below is an especially wonderful series from our little shoot.  In fact, most of the session turned out just like these.  As you can tell, my little models ADORE getting their pictures taken.  It's not like torture at all!  Look how fun Mom makes it!

(Disclaimer: No children were harmed during the taking of these photos.)

Thanks for looking!

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Reena said...

Your boys are so handsome! The location and lighting is beautiful...but I have to say, my favorites are the last Love them.

Denise said...

Aw, these are really sweet! They did a good job. How nice to have that spot right there behind your studio, too. I'd never guess that was right in the middle of town.

Jennifer L. said...

Hahahaha!! Those last three are hysterical. They are all gorgeous, but those at the end are my faves.

Lynne said...

Those last three are so funny! But I also love the first two - I hope you print those big. Such pretty lighting and sweet expressions.

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