April 14, 2014

Beautiful Mother and Daughter Downtown {Family and Headshot Photography | Twin Cities, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN}

Such a gorgeous night this was, in every way.

This beautiful mother contacted me wanting to schedule a session on her birthday.  I love when I get to be a special gift for someone.  She wanted pictures of herself with her youngest daughter, mostly, plus she needed some new headshots.  This was a rare warm, sunny spring day, and we headed downtown and strolled, talking, making friends and taking pictures.  As it seems to happen with every session I'm lucky enough to do, we discovered we have many, many things and people in common and there was SO much to chat about all night.

Some special things about this beautiful duo:

Mom is a generous volunteer, yoga enthusiast (see the last set of pictures!) and seems to have a boatload of friends - not only do we have several people in common, TWICE she ran into someone she knew during our session!  And Daughter is a lovely, sweet, kind presence with an elegance that you don't usually see in someone her age.

And as I put together this blog post and look through these pictures one more time, I can't help but hear Petula Clark in my head: "Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city, linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty, how can you lose? The lights are much brighter there, you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go DOWNTOWN, things will be great when you're DOWNTOWN, no finer place for sure, DOWNTOWN, everything's waiting for you...."  Now you're hearing it too, aren't you?  (That is, if you are old enough to remember that song!)  Good.  It's a perfect soundtrack for this sweet session.  

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  1. Gorgeous session Leslie! Both ladies are so beautiful, and the weather sure cooperated for you! Lovely!

  2. Wow, gorgeous! I love the skyline in the last few, and the connection in all of them. They look so relaxed and happy to be in front of your camera - in fact, everybody you photograph does! How beautiful and special for them. They look stunning.

  3. Lovely shoot, I really love the ones of them walking along looking at each other, a lovely moment :)

  4. These are so lovely Leslie! You have such a beautiful way of capturing connections between your subjects. I love the downtown scenery also!

  5. Wow... what beautiful subjects for you Leslie! I really love the framing in #3 and #4... and am in love with the way you incorporated the city landscapes!

  6. I'm loving all of that nice city scenery in these shots. They look like they were having a great time! And dang, she's got some great arms! Her yoga is paying off for sure. I'm a little jealous;)

  7. Shannon StroubakisApril 19, 2014 at 11:58 AM

    I love the cityscape in the images, and the framing using the architecture. Beautiful shoot!

  8. What a gorgeous session! You can tell how much they adore each other! I would love to have some like these of my two girls with me.

  9. Leslie, as usual, these are fabulous. I love your use of light and your locations are always so interesting. Gorgeous session.

  10. These are gorgeous, Leslie! I love the lighting and color - beautiful!!!